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Easy To USe

Super intuitive and easy to understand. We have designed TipHaus to accommodate the vast majority of users without getting bogged down with the strange requests that a few restaurants may want. What this means for our users is that you can get what you need from TipHaus quickly and with little to no training.


Distribute all credit card tips automatically and without any input from your staff. Your employees will feel better knowing that they don't have to rely on their fellow coworkers to tip them out at the end of their shift or concern themselves that they were fair in the way that they tipped out their coworkers. TipHaus takes the emotion out of distributing tips.


TipHaus gives you the ability to distribute tips in just about any way you could imagine. We support multiple pools, variable shift times, even distribution amongst the same job code, tip amounts based on any sales category, and so much more.

Save Time

TipHaus allows you to save time and money by quickly, easily, and accurately distributing tips according to your rules. Customize distributions per job title, hours worked, and location, and the software automatically distributes and notifies team members of their total share. Eliminate mistakes and reduce your liability with the market's easiest tip-sharing software. 


Customize and create any kind of reports through the Breakdown tab. Create custom tags including FOH and BOH or any other tag that helps you better understand your company. Any report created can be immediately downloaded as a csv file and sent to your accounting team.


TipHaus allows users to dive right into the details of each transaction that resulted in their employees’ tip amounts. By giving our users full control of what they can and can't show their employees we remove any doubt that tips were not handled correctly. We do this by supplying graphs and charts that convey the important information and minimize the extraneous.


"Tiphaus has been a great addition to The Ram. The Tiphaus system eliminates editing employee tips, confirming all the tips and sales are correct and the use of spreadsheets or any other manager interaction or handling of tips. Setting up the rules of use was very simple and flexible for multiple locations. Changes can be made on a moments notice by our team if needed. Our payroll team has had nothing but compliments on how Tiphaus ties out and how seamless the system is." 


Marty Hillis

Vice President of Operations 

Ram Restaurant Group 

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