Automated tip calculations and payment distribution for the hospitality industry

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, manual data entry, and bank trips. TipHaus automates tip calculations and distributions, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional service.

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Calculate the tip totals

TipHaus syncs with your POS and calculates your employee's owed tips in real time. Pool tips for the FOH? Easy. Tip out 3% of alcohol sales to the bartender? No problem.

Pay your employees daily

When the day is over, TipHaus sends instant payment to your employee's bank account. No more waiting for paychecks, no more ATM cards, and no more pesky employee-manager confrontations.

Update Payroll

Custom reports designed to match your payroll provider. One click payroll import means you get out of the back office and back to your life.

ROI on Day 1

The average TipHaus restaurant saves 20 - 30 labor hours and $1,000 per month, per location.

No Data Entry

Manual entry causes errors, fraud, and wasted hours, so we decided to automate the entire process.

Happy Employees

Our free mobile app means employees of our customers enjoy 78% more trust in their managers and 28% longer tenure.

Easy Onboarding

We partnered with all of the leading restaurant softwares to take care of the hard part. Now you can just sign in and sync.

Tired of half-baked software solutions?

Yeah, us too. So we got to work.

Automated tip calculations

Spreadsheets and manual data entry lead to wasted hours and countless errors. Set your restaurant’s tip structure once, and let TipHaus do the work. By syncing directly with your POS, TipHaus is always accurate, even for those pesky refunds and employees who forget to clock out.

With TipHaus, restaurants can:

  • Set their unique tip logic and forget it

  • 1-click payroll export

  • Full transparency via our free mobile app

Automated payment software

Cash is a thing of the past, and your employees need their tips today.  Pay cards have hidden fees, bank trips take too much time, and manually entering employee tip information leads to errors and fraud. TipHaus and Earned Tip Access™ allow you to send today’s tips straight to employee accounts, instantly, for free.

With TipHaus, restaurants can:

  • Have accurate tip totals pre-populated

  • Instantly pay their employees on the same day

  • Save thousands of dollars in wage overpayment

Introducing a world’s first

Earned Tip Access

TipHaus automatically calculates how much you owe your employees. And then sends that money directly to your employee’s bank accounts.

I can't f***ing believe we ever operated without TipHaus. Our employees LOVE it. Your support is incredible. Our restaurant finally operates like a true team.

Shireen Imani

Chulita - Venice, CA

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