Earned Tip Access™

Your restaurant employees need their tips today

So we pioneered Earned Tip Access™ - The first automated way to get tips directly into your employees’ bank accounts - instantly.

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Get your employee’s the tips they earned, right now, for free

The ETA™ program is free to all TipHaus customers. No hidden fees. No $20,000 holding accounts. No BS.

No Cash,
No Problem

Customer’s don’t pay in cash anymore, and bank runs are a waste of resources. Pay your employees their tips with one click.

Manual Data Entry =

Managers entering employee’s tips leads to errors, skimming, and fraud. Your employees tips are always calculated in real time, ready to be paid.

Keep Your
Best Employees

Employee turnover is expensive. Employees of TipHaus customers are more productive, happier, and experience 27% longer tenure.


TipHaus has your back.

380 hours saved every month

"Using TipHaus we have seen significant efficiency gains in administrating our tip program. Our managers/team members save 35+ hours per month at each location, and our payroll team saves over 40 hours per month. Tip programs are difficult, but TipHaus made it easy because it was clearly able to report all required data and was granular enough to actually trust their numbers"

Wood Ranch

17 California Locations

Our staff loves TipHaus accuracy and transparency

“TipHaus has made our restaurant more efficient. With TipHaus, we save 30-40 hours a month in manager time alone. Our staff and management know we can trust the data we see because TipHaus eliminates the risk of human error. The user interface is very user friendly, making it convenient to navigate high-level tip data.”

Tiki's Grill and Bar

Hawaii Location

Digital daily tip payments improve employee satisfaction

"Our restaurant is now able to track tips minute by minute and at the time of sale, eliminating the confusing tipping system previously in place. Our employees are happier and know precisely how the math works, and they don't have to split tips with one another who didn't work during that time.

Pegas Terrace & Restaurant

5 New York restaurants

How does Earned Tip Access Work?

Tips are pre-calculated

TipHaus syncs with your POS and tracks real time tip
information for your entire staff. From tip sharing to tip
pooling, we tackle it all.

With TipHaus, restaurants can:

  • Save 20+ hours every month

  • Eliminate fraud and errors

  • Reduce wage legal liability issues

Pay your employees with 1-click.

Seriously. No typing tip totals. No excel sheets. No errors. Your employees receive their tips – instantly – right in their bank accounts.

With TipHaus, restaurants can:

  • Instantly pay employee’s tips

  • Decrease employee turnover

  • Save thousands of dollars in overpayment

With us your employees have pretty cool options to receive their tips

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Through a new digital money app experience just for the tip-earning community, emplyees can get tips instantly - spend - build new money habits - and much more.

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Through a preferred card on file, employees can choose to have tips sent to their back account through a debit card.

Your Job is Done. We Keep Working

Tips aren’t static – every refund, missed clockout, and employee error means the POS needs to be updated – and tips need to be recalculated. TipHaus scans historical data every 15 minutes and automatically balances your tip ledger, saving you thousands of dollars other “instant pay” companies never even knew existed.

We Asked Restaurant Operators What Would Make Their Lives Easier.

And then we built that, with no shortcuts.

No Hidden Costs or Burdens

Floats, fees, and pre-funds suck. You don’t want to pay a dollar a day for each employee, and nobody wants to set $20,000 aside as a float to cover. Earned Tip Access is completely free to all TipHaus customers with no hidden fees or funds required.

Financial Health Reimagined

The service industry deserves a comprehensive financial tool, so we built it. Hausmoney™ is the world’s first financial platform built specifically for the restaurant industry. Perks, rewards, financial monitoring, and instant payments are built in, specifically for the service industry.

Goodbye to Cash Shortage

It’s nearly impossible to keep enough cash on hand for your staff these days. Bank runs are a waste of time and resources, and few restaurants have the ability to schedule cash deliveries for an afforable rate. ETA™ means you always have the ability to pay your staff instantly and accurately.

Automated Reconciliation

TipHaus proactively scans for updated data in your POS to allow you to save thousands of dollars that go to waste every year. Whenever a manager updates a payment, refund, or clockout in the POS, TipHaus accounts for this and adjusts future payments, saving time, money, and future legal hassles.

Ready to get started?

Earned Tip Access™ is only available to TipHaus customers. Book a demo today and find out how much you can save.