TipHaus was founded to help provide transparency throughout the entire service industry. We believe when employees and management are on the same page, everything works a bit better.

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Admin 1

Manage Users:

To access and manage your organization's employee app users, login to your client dashboard, press the 'settings' icon in the left navigation bar, and then select the 'Employee App Users' tab shown in the diagram below.

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Admin 2

Add New Users:

There are two options for employee's to gain access to their account. 

1. If you have your employee's emails setup in your organization's POS, you can simply send them to the exact page you are currently on (www.tiphaus.com/employee-app), where we have simple instructions for employees in the 'Employee Section' below.  

2. If you do not have all employee's emails setup in your POS, or if your employee forgot or can no longer access their email, you can manually assign a new email to each employee. Full instructions are below in the next section: Manually Invite Users

Admin 3

Manually Invite Users:

If your employee does not have an email associated in your POS, or for any reason cannot access their account, follow the steps below to associate them with their POS User ID and send a new invite.

Step 1: Locate the 'Send Direct Invite' in your client dashboard shown below. (Login > Settings > Employee App Users).

image (6).png

Step 2: Search for the employee's name, and then enter the new email they would like to receive an app invitation. Click the Send button to email an invite to the selected employee allowing them to create their employee account.

image (7).png

Step 3: Confirm the employee you selected and the email they provided are correct. 

Note: If you associate the wrong employee with another employee's email, they will gain access to that user's information.

image (8).png

Step 4: That's it! Your employee has been emailed a registration link they can sign up with.


Employee 1

Register for the App:

To use your employee app, you must create an account. There are two options to create an account depending on your POS provider and management's decision:


1. If your email is already registered through your restaurant's POS, you can CLICK HERE. Simply enter your email that is associated with you in the POS, and you will receive a registration email with a 30-second sign-up process.

image (3).png
image (4).png

2. If your email is not registered in the POS, or if you have lost access or forgotten your email, please ask your management to send you a direct invite. Ask them to come to the page you are on (www.tiphaus.com/employee-app) and follow the steps in the above 'GM and Admin' Section. Once your management completes this step, you will receive an email with a registration link.


Once you have received the email, click the Register Account Button.



Enter your information into the correct field and submit your registration by clicking the blue button.

image (1).png


You have now registered! Click the button at the bottom to login, or go to my.tiphaus.com at anytime.

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Employee 2

Access the App:

Employees can access their app at anytime by going to my.tiphaus.com and signing in. We recommend adding the employee app as an icon on your smartphone's homescreen, which can you see detailed descriptions of below. 

Employee 3

Install to Home Screen:

TipHaus uses a Progressive Web App, or PWA, to allow all employees 24/7 access to their accounts. After creating an account and logging in using the above steps, we recommend installing the app onto your phone. 

For Apple iPhone users: 

1. Launch Safari and login at my.tiphaus.com

2. Tap the 'Share' Button (shown below)

3. Tap Add to Home Screen (shown below). 

4. That's it! You now have your custom employee app.

File (1).jpg

For Android Phone users: 

1. Launch Chrome and login at my.tiphaus.com

2. Tap the menu button (three dots in the top right).

3. Tap Add to Home Screen 

4. Name your app TipHaus

5. That's it! You now have your custom employee app.