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Tip Transparency Pays Off: How Brass Tap Baltimore Boosted Retention by 30% with TipHaus

Ensuring fair and transparent tip distribution is a constant challenge for restaurants. Brass Tap Baltimore, a popular craft beer haven, was no exception. Their existing system led to confusion and wasted valuable staff time. This case study explores how TipHaus, a modern tip management solution, revolutionized their tip distribution process, boosting staff morale and streamlining operations.

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Barry Lowenthal, Owner


Brass Tap's previous tip management system with Kickfin needed an upgrade. Manual calculations were slow and error-prone, there was a lack of transparency leading to staff distrust, and managing physical cash was a burden with frequent counting and bank runs.


TipHaus revolutionized Brass Tap's system. Automating calculations saved time, transparency with the employee tip app boosted morale, and Earned Tip Access eliminated cash handling, freeing up staff time and improving security.


The Brass Tap Baltimore offers over 150+ craft beers from around the globe in a neighborhood atmosphere that feels both relaxed and upscale. However, managing tip distribution fairly and efficiently was proving to be a challenge. In our conversation with Barry Lowenthal, Owner, we explore how TipHaus, a modern tip management solution, empowered employees with greater transparency and control over their tip earnings.


Prior to TipHaus, Brass Tap Baltimore relied on Kickfin for tip management, but it wasn't meeting their needs. Manually calculating tips for each employee was a time-consuming and error-prone process. Kickfin didn't provide clear visibility into tip calculations and distribution, leading to confusion and distrust among staff. Managing physical cash for tip distribution was a bigger burden than it should have been. Counting the money wasn't just a daily task, it was a frequent one, eating into valuable time. On top of that, it posed security risks and necessitated running to the bank two to three times a week. Finally, without a reliable system, Brass Tap found it challenging to give accurate estimates of potential earnings to new hires.


TipHaus transformed tip management at Brass Tap Baltimore, eliminating the frustrations they experienced with Kickfin. Automating tip calculations freed staff from the time-consuming and error-prone manual process. Additionally, TipHaus brought transparency to the equation by providing clear visibility into tip distribution with the free employee tip app, boosting trust and satisfaction among employees. This newfound transparency also empowered Brass Tap to confidently share accurate estimates of potential earnings with new hires, improving the recruitment process. Most importantly, TipHaus eliminated the need for physical cash handling altogether through our Earned Tip Access feature for tip distribution. This not only improved security but also freed up staff time previously spent securing, counting, and transporting cash, eliminating the need for those two to three bank runs a week.

"Switching to TipHaus was about as easy as it gets. I'd give it a ten out of ten. Their support got our employees up and running quickly, and they're always there for us if any issues arise. Plus, unlike our old system, TipHaus calculates tips right at the point of sale, eliminating problems with shift changes and saving us about 30 minutes of manual work each day. But the most valuable part for me? Knowing every tip is divided fairly and accurately.”

Barry Lowenthal



  • 0 conversations about tip discrepancies
  • 30 minutes a day saved in mangers time not using spreadsheets
  • 1000+ Saved in managers wages every month
  • 30% Increase in employee retention by providing complete tip transparency

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