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Wood Ranch Scaling Success - Strategies for Growth and Building a Strong Company Culture in Multi-Unit Restaurants

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Wood Ranch

Who hosted the webinar?

Kirk Grogan

Kirk Grogan, COO of TipHaus

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Featured Guests

JP Mouren-Laurens

JP Mouren-Laurens

VP of Finance

Jean-Pierre Mouren-Laurens, Vice President of Finance at Wood Ranch, has steadily climbed the corporate ladder over his 22 years in both public and private sectors of accounting and corporate finance. Born and raised in California, JP honed his financial acumen at UCLA, where he studied Economics and Psychology. He began his career as a CPA working in audit and business consulting, within a variety of industries, including hospitality. As VP of Finance and Corporate Controller, JP combines his extensive experience in the restaurant industry with a robust financial expertise to oversee the company’s financial operations, ensuring growth and financial stability.

Jenna Johnson

Jenna Johnson

Director of Training & Development

Jenna Johnson is the Director of Training at Wood Ranch. With 18 years of experience in hospitality, she specializes in training and development, project management, and operational support. Jenna has a proven track record of rolling out and supporting all major Wood Ranch projects, including TipHaus, HotSchedules, and Wood Ranch’s learning management system “Beyond the Barbecue.” She holds a degree in psychology with an emphasis in learning and development from California State University Northridge. In her free time, she loves spending time with her husband, Josh, and two children.

What to Expect?

The viewers gain valuable insights and practical strategies that can be implemented to enhance their restaurant operations and improve efficiency.

  • Insightful discussion on the challenges of scaling operations across multiple locations
  • Strategies for maintaining consistency and quality of guest experiences during expansion
  • Tools and techniques for improving team collaboration and employee training
  • Examples of optimizing restaurant processes to reduce labor costs and streamline workflows
  • Key metrics for measuring the success of operational efficiency initiatives

What will you learn?

  • How to create strategies for maintaining brand consistency and marketing efforts across multiple locations
  • How to grow teams effectively and improve team collaboration
  • How to leverage technology in managing multi-unit operations efficiently
  • How to optimize your restaurant processes to reduce labor costs and streamline workflows
  • How to measure your operational efficiency success

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