Tip Calculations Suck 

So we built award-winning software just for servers and bartenders.


Tell us about your friend's restaurant. We will offer their manager a risk-free 14-day free trial. If they signup, you earn $100 per restaurant. (They always signup, our software is pretty incredible, if we say so ourselves). 

Example: If you refer Jon's Bar and Grill, and 3 of the 7 locations sign up, you earn $300. Easy.


Don't worry, it's anonymous. We won't use your name or mention your referral.

Refer your restaurant. Earn up to $1,000.

Make your work life easier with TipHaus.

Leave work Faster

Stop wasting time with long manual checkout processes and tip calculations.

No more arguments

Stop having to talk to management about tipping out and resolving spreadsheet errors. 

2020 International Winner

Understand your paycheck

Stop wondering if you can afford expenses and take control of your finances.

"It saves us so many hours in time and labor over other tip distribution solutions. It is a cohesive product that doesn’t allow room for error, and provides a great level of security to my staff regarding their financials."

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Why do service staff love TipHaus in their restaurant?

Employees are happier

in the loop.

Let's be honest: Servers and bartender's are the face of every restaurant, and their happiness and financial success leads to the success of the restaurant. Our proprietary mobile app lets employee's understand their tips and take-home, send money back and forth, and even get tipped out the same day on a debit card.