$20 Per Demo

No sign-up required. Every customer that books a demo of our software earns you $20.

$100 Per Sign-up


Each restaurant location counts. Example: A 20-unit restaurant sign-up earns you $2,000!

and all your customers receive 10% off for life!


Restaurant consultants, POS sales executives, and service professionals alike are earning extra money simply by referring restaurants to TipHaus. 

No sale required! Any demo that is booked, counts. If customers sign up after their demo, you receive $100 per location, and they receive 10% off!

Step 1:

Fill out the form below for us to reach out to you after each successful booking.

Note: Your first name is your referral code. 

Thanks for submitting!

Step 2:

Copy the link below and send it to your customers so that they can book a demo. TipHaus is a great opportunity to follow-up with your existing clients, reach out to prospective leads, and deepen existing connections. Your referral earns customers one free month and 10% off for life!

Step 3:

Send the code to your customers and let them know your referral code is your first name (must match the entry form you submitted in Step 1). 


We track each demo and sale and notify you every time your referral code is used. We will contact you to determine how you would like to receive your earnings. There is no limit to your potential earnings!

TipHaus, at it's sole discretion, can cancel any referral agreement under any circumstance, especially those considered fraudulent or misleading (nobody likes a cheater).