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Step 1

Provide the client with this TipHaus’ Authorization URL : https://app.7shifts.com/generate_token?client_id=d123033f852add7b77c950f225e914f6edb2bf51

Step 2

Once the client has been provided with the Authorization URL, they will be prompted to login into 7Shifts (if they are not already logged in)

Step 3

If the client admin is an administrator for multiple companies/accounts, they will be asked to select which company they would like to grant
OAuth client access to

7 Shifts and TipHaus integration

Step 4

Once authorization has been granted, the client will see a page with their GUID listed. They will need to copy this ID and send it back to

Final step 7 Shift and Tiphaus Integration

Your TipHaus onboarding representative will set up this integration for you, please contact them directly if you have any questions