Frequently asked questions


How do we know the information TipHaus provides is accurate?

Our system works by plugging directly into your POS. We don’t add or perform any of our own numbers or inputs. Everything that is recorded in your POS for sales ids transferred directly to TipHaus, ensuring everything you see is accurate. We go a step further, and run constant tests and checks on the backend to ensure your data is accurate. If anything looks strange, our development team is automatically notified to investigate without any user input or disruption.

How does TipHaus save my restaurant money?

Not only will you save 8-10 hours per month of manager’s time by never having to double check or input tip sharing information, we allow a more even distribution within your restaurant. This means you can pay support roles less base pay and give them a more fairly distributed percentage of tips. Many restaurants using TipHaus save hundreds of dollars per month, per location, by being able to fairly distribute tips.

Can I create rules myself in TipHaus?

Of course! We created TipHaus to be simple and completely in your control. You can adjust rules on the fly, and even have them retroactively take effect. You can set rules that apply to different job codes, different times, or even different date ranges. And with admin and view controls, you can always make sure only the correct individuals can change rules.

What if I messed up a rule?

Mistakes happen. We built TipHaus to be easily adjusted, so you can find the perfect distribution that is fair for all your employees. If not, you can adjust rules or add new ones in seconds, and even backdate the rule so it adjusts over your previous pay period.

What if an employee clocked-in as the wrong job code, or didn’t clock out?

The service industry is hard, and mistakes happen. Instead of fixing multiple issues, we made this as easy as possible. All you have to do is correct the issue in your existing POS, and the changes will automatically be made in TipHaus. No double corrections, no trying to match output or software. Run your business like usual and we will handle the rest.

Can employees adjust tips?

Employees can never adjust tip rules or percentages, however we know sometimes employees have needs to perform workarounds with other servers. That’s why we created Peer 2 Peer transactions for employees, so they can send money back and forth through TipHaus. Never worry if a server did more work, or had to leave early and drop a table, or anything of the sort. They can pay each other directly in the app, all reflected seamlessly.

Can employees see how much they made?

Yes, if enabled. One of the hardest parts about the service industry is understanding income fluctuations. Our employee app allows employees to see their real income, with tip distributions included. Transparency is key, and our tools make it easy for your employees to stay happy. Employees can only see their incomes, and will never be able to view other’s income or take-home.

Are there any contracts or obligations?

Never. We believe our software should be so effective that you want to stay to continue saving time, money, and providing peace of mind to employees. If we ever fail on that promise, you are free to leave with absolutely no penalties.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

If you use a POS where TipHaus is located in the app marketplace, such as Square or Clover, you do not need a CC. Simply download TipHaus in the app store and you are good to go! For POS partners that don't offer us in their marketplace, you will be asked to sign up with a CC. Don't worry! You are still eligible for a 15-day free trial with no commitments, cancel anytime.