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TipHaus is revolutionizing the restaurant industry, empowering establishments to:

Streamline Your Operations

Improve Staff Retention

Ensure compliance and avoid legal risks

Ditch Spreadsheets for Manual Tip Calculations

The Prosper Forum convenes a powerful community of diverse food service and hospitality leaders, fostering collaboration and innovation. TipHaus is excited to be part of this exciting event! We believe a variety of perspectives strengthens businesses and enriches communities.

{`Interested in revolutionizing your tip management? Let's connect at the Prosper Forum! Our robust and user-friendly software simplifies tip calculations, tip distribution and boosts employee satisfaction as much as 30%! Ivar’s Seafood in Seattle has seen a 31% decrease in their staff turnover year over year`} decrease in their staff turnover year over year{` thanks to implementing TipHaus. With financial control and transparency, and reduces legal risk with a secure tip pooling solution.`}

Reach out to our team at sales@tiphaus.com to discuss how TipHaus can elevate your business and to connect at the Prosper Forum!

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