Welcome to Earned Tip Access™ (ETA)

What is ETA™

  • ETA helps managers and operators pay their staff daily tip earnings.
  • ETA is free to all TipHaus customers.
    No hidden fees, floats or pre-funds.
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Here’s how it works:


Tip totals are pre-calculated

Every tip detail is synchronized with your point-of-sale (POS) system in real-time. Each employee’s tip earnings are automatically pre-populated based on your tip logic and the daily sales and tip earnings.


Managers review the total tips

Managers simply review the data to ensure there are no employee errors or flawed employee records.


Managers pay tips daily

Managers initiate payout the following morning after a shift, and this money is automatically debited from your operating account and deposited to your employees.

TipHaus Employee App

ETA's mobile app boosts satisfaction and trust with real-time tip info

Employees can enroll in Hausdirect or Hausmoney directly from the TipHaus employee mobile app!

  • fewer employee-manager disputes
  • easy tip sharing
  • proof of income
  • convenient enrollment options for employees

Two Flexible Payout Options

  • Instant Tip Access:

    No more waiting - you can access your tips instantly
  • Free Checking Account:

    Start spending your money right away, giving you greater financial flexibility.
  • Direct Deposits:

    Set up direct deposits for your wages to have seamless access to tips and wages.
  • Free physical and virtual Mastercard debit cards

  • Free to link other bank accounts or add cards to Apple or Google Play

Signing Up:

Sign-up requires ID verification and takes 3-5 minutes, on average. Hausmoney is available for service-industry employees age 15 or older!

  • Receive tips through your preferred or existing debit card

  • Quick and hassle-free sign up for daily payments

  • Swap debit cards to transfer funds effortlessly

Signing Up:

Sign up in 30 seconds, no ID verification required. Employees simply select their debit card they wish for their tips to be deposited on and submit!

How to get your staff enrolled in ETA

  • 1 Owners and operators start by linking their preferred bank account for daily employee payments after undergoing a straightforward enrollment process and essential security verifications to ensure account authorization.
  • 2 Employee Self Enroll: Employees using the free My TipHaus mobile app can choose to enroll in either program
  • 3 Email Invites From Management: Managers can invite employees directly to the My TipHaus mobile App to sign up for the ETA program that fits them.

Why restaurants are loving ETA

Cost Free

No hidden fees or deductions.

Happy Staff

Boosts employee satisfaction and cuts costs with instant tip access

Error Free

Streamlines tip distribution, ensuring accurate payments.

Cashless Convenience

Eliminates cash handling, making payroll easy.

TipHaus and Hausmoney has been a game changer for us. Massively cuts down on hours per week reconciling tips for bartenders and servers, works well for events or normal tip sharing and pooling. Hausmoney allows us to tip our staff out the next day as well, which has helped with retention and employee morale.”

Country Boy Breweing