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TipHaus Insider Webinar: Scaling Success – Strategies for Growth and Building a Strong Company Culture in Multi-Unit Restaurants

Explore how Wood Ranch optimizes operations and training. Learn strategies for scaling, tech integration, and achieving consistency in our latest webinar recap!

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Texas Tipping Laws Explained: Minimum Wage, Pooling, and Your Rights

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10 Tips to Prepare Your Restaurant for Mother’s Day

10 tips for restaurants to create a memorable Mother's Day with drinks, decor, & more.

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Stressed About Tip Pooling? There’s a Software for That 

Ditch the spreadsheet headaches and boost employee happiness with TipHaus' automated tip pooling and real-time payouts.

5 Tiphaus Tips for Cinco De Mayo Restaurant Prep

5 Tips for Cinco de Mayo Restaurant Preparation 

Prepare your restaurant for Cinco de Mayo success with insights from the TipHaus tribe! Spice up your celebration with vibrant…

How Tip Automation Protects Your Business and Your Employees

Learn how tip automation ensures compliance, minimizes errors, and keeps your staff happy.

How Instant Tip Payouts Can Rejuvenate the Hotel Industry

Discover how instant tip payouts revolutionize the hospitality industry